Virtual Exhibition - SF 2000

Sunil Janah: Inside India, 1940-1975


Subsection 1.2:   Famine, Riots and Refugees

Part B:   "Riots & Refugees" Panels

Photographs, panels & text:   Sunil Janah 1939-2000
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Index, Introduction,
Entrance Panel...
History in
the Making
Building India's
The Land and
the People
Dance and Temple

Subsections of Section 1 (History in the Making)
1.1:   Independence Movement
1.2:   Famine, Riots & Refugees Part A:   Section Text & "Famine" Panels
Part B:   "Riots & Refugees" Panels
1.3:   Political Leaders & Others


Index to Section 1.2



Top Row:
Refugee children asleep on a railway platform, waiting for trains to carry them to safety during communal riots, 1946-47.   sf.036

A refugee woman with children. This was one family among the millions who had to flee from the riot-stricken eastern part of Bengal. Some of them ended up living, for years, on platforms in Calcutta train stations.   sf.037

Second Row:
Refugees at a shelter near the border between Bengal and the newly-created East Pakistan, 1947.   sf.038

Refugee child in a newly thatched hut, Calcutta, 1947.   sf.039

Third Row:
Villagers fleeing in boats under cover of darkness during communal riots in Bengal, eastern India, 1946-47.   sf.040

A refugee mother and child.   sf.041

Refugees fleeing across the border during the Bangladesh war, 1971.*   sf.042

Panel 6:   Partition, refugees (1946-71)
Panel 6: Partition, refugees 1946-71. 
© Sunil Janah
* Repression by the West Pakistan military had pushed millions of refugees out of East Pakistan into the contiguous Indian states of West Bengal and Assam. This culminated in a war, in which Indian troops defeated West Pakistani forces. East Pakistan separated from West Pakistan and renamed itself Bangladesh.

Photographs © Sunil Janah



Gandhi at a meeting, Calcutta, 1946.   sf.043

Midle Row:
Left: People in Calcutta respond to Gandhi's appeal by marching for communal peace, Calcutta, 1946.   sf.044

Right: Hindus and Muslims attempt to promote communal harmony by jointly flying the flags of the Indian National Congress and the Muslim League, Calcutta, 1946.   sf.045

Bottom Left:
Top: People of different religious communities lining up for weekly food rations, Calcutta.   sf.046

Bottom: The same area three days after the Great Calcutta Killing, a communal riot in August 1946.   sf.047

Panel 7:   Partition, riots (1946-48)
Panel 7: Partition, Riots (1946-48)
© Sunil Janah
Bottom Right:
News of Gandhi's assassination reaches Calcutta, 1948.   sf.048

Photographs © Sunil Janah

This is section 1 (HISTORY IN THE MAKING), subsection 1.2 (Famine, Riots, Refugees), part B (Riots, Refugees).

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Photographs, panels & text © Sunil Janah 1939-2000
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