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Sunil Janah: Inside India, 1940-1975


Subsection 1.1:   Independence Movement

Part B:   Panel 3 - Simla Conference & Elections

Photographs, panels & text:   Sunil Janah 1939-2000
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Index, Introduction,
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History in
the Making
Building India's
The Land and
the People
Dance and Temple

Subsections of Section 1 (History in the Making)
1.1:   Independence Movement 1.1 Part A:   Section Text & Panel 2 (I M - 1940's)
1.1 Part B:   1.1 Part B:   Panel 3 (Simla Conference & Elections)
1.2:   Famine, Riots and Refugees
1.3:   Political Leaders and Others


Index to Section 1.1

  • On the previous page (1.1 Part A)
    • Section 1.1 text
    • Panel 2:   Independence Movement:   India, 1940's - images from the peasant, labor and anti-colonial movements
    • Panel 2 captions (with photographs, slightly enlarged).

  • On this page (1.1 Part B)
    • Panel 3:   Independence Movement:   Simla Conference & Elections

Panel 3   (Simla Conference and Elections)   is directly below.
Photographs, panels & text   © Sunil Janah 1940-2000

Panel 3:
Independence Movement - Simla Conference & Elections

Top Row:
Leaders of the Indian National Congress with Mohammad Ali Jinnah and other Muslim League leaders, viceregal lodge, Simla, Himachal Pradesh, 1946.   sf.016

Mohammad Ali Jinnah at a Muslim League conference in Bombay.   sf.017

Second Row:
Gandhi using his usual mode of travel--a third-class compartment of the Indian Railways--to attend the Simla Conference, a meeting between Indian nationalist leaders and the British viceroy, 1946.   sf.018

Lord Wavell, then viceroy of India, talking with Rajagopalacharya, a leading Congress politician, Simla Conference.   sf.019

Third Row:
People in Bombay lining up to vote in the first general elections, 1946, when India was in transition from a British colony to an independent state.   sf.020

Gandhi and Jinnah in front of Jinnah's house in Bombay during their historic talks, 1946.   sf.021

Bottom Row:
Election meeting in Andhra Pradesh, southern India.   sf.022

Zamindars, or landowners, protesting against proposed land-redistribution legislation, Uttar Pradesh, northern India, 1948.   sf.023

Photographs © Sunil Janah

Panel 3: Simla Conference, 1946. © Sunil Janah

This is section 1 (HISTORY IN THE MAKING), subsection 1.1 (Independence Movement),
Part B (Simla Conference and Elections).

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Photographs, panels & text © Sunil Janah 1939-2000
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