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Panel from Dance & Temple Sculpture Section:
- dance master from Kerala, 
  dancer Indrani Rahman, 
  Bade Gulam Ali Khan

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The San Francisco (2000) exhibition was curated by Sunil, Monua and Sobha Janah.

The exhibition contains more than 150 photographs by Sunil Janah, documenting India's struggle for independence from the British; the partition of the subcontinent into India and Pakistan; life in villages and factories; dance and architecture; and the hidden world of India's remote tribes.

top right:   a dance master from Kerala
middle four:   the dancer Indrani Rahman
bottom right:   maestro Bade Gulam Ali Khan
Sunil Janah 1950-2000

This page provides glimpses of the exhibition, plus links to context and illustrated reviews. The complete exhibition can be viewed, in miniature, along with section texts, at the Virtual Exhibition site.

Biographical and historical background can be found summarized in the Press Release, Historical Note, and Slideshow Introduction - all listed in the Index below.

For more, see under the "Reviews" and "More Context and Photographs" headings in the Index.

Garos fishing on a lake, Garo Hills, Meghalaya, 1940's

Sunil Janah:

Inside India 1940-1975

Rare Images by India's

Legendary Photographer

Kalart Gallery

San Francisco

2000 Sep 14 - Oct 12

Garos fishing, Garo Hills, Meghalaya, 1940's.            
Sunil Janah 1940-2000              

Please see also the the virtual exhibition, the historical note, the slideshow introduction and the press release. (See Index below.)

Links Index

  • Virtual Exhibition
    (San Francisco, 2000)
    The entire exhibition will be viewable here: panels, captions and section-texts. This is now complete, save for the Land and People section, and well worth a visit.
  • Kalart Gallery
    This shows exactly where and when the exhibition was held.
  • Press Release - Monua Janah
    This provides some concise historical and biographical information. See also the "Historical Note" below.
  • Historical Note - Monua Janah
    This provides some more detailed historical and cultural background. Please see also the articles by Guptara and Ramachandran in the "Earlier Reviews" section below, and the entries in the "More Context.." section below.
  • Slide Show Introduction
    This gives some historical and biographical context, illustrated with photographs, in slideshow format.
  • Earlier Reviews
    These contain historical & biographical information.
  • Current Reviews
  • More Context and Photographs
    For more context and photographs, see:
  • Related Links

Below:   Portraits of cultural figures
Sunil Janah 1940-2000     Moving mouse pointer onto image shows captions briefly, in a yellow box. (Netscape's box may not show all the captions.) If the box vanishes, move pointer out of image and back again. Captions are also given below the image. It is best to view this full-screen .

(top:) sage Jiddu Krishnamurthy, physicist Satyen Bose,
(upper middle:) painter Jamini Roy, film director Satyajit Ray,
(lower middle:) poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, novelist Manik Bandopadhya,
(bottom:) photographer Margaret Bourke-White

Above top:   sage Jiddu Krishnamurthy, physicist Satyen Bose
upper middle:   painter Jamini Roy, film director Satyajit Ray
lower middle:   poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, novelist Manik Bandopadhya
bottom:   photographer Margaret Bourke-White
Sunil Janah 1940-2000
(To view captions with image, see note on top of image.)

Start of History Panels, showing, at center, Independence Movement and, at left, Bengal-Orissa Famine of 1943-44. Portraits of Gandhi and Nehru are in right background.

Kalart Gallery
855 Sansome Street, 3rd Flr
(between Broadway & Pacific)
San Francisco, California 94111.
Tel: (415) 693-9727
Fax: (415) 362-8158
Gallery Hours:
Mon-Sat, 10-6, Sun 12-6

The Inside India exhibition runs:
2000 Sep 14 - Oct 12
View of Kalart Gallery, showing the start of the History section. Photographs Sunil Janah 1939-2000. The individual photographs are not clearly visible in this image. They can be seen more clearly at the  Virtual Exhibition - SF 2000.

Panel design and photographs:   © Sunil Janah 1940-2000
Website and page design and coding:   © Arjun Janah 2000


Left: the photographer with young visitors at the installation.

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This page is now only of historical interest. To view the image panels and texts of the San Francisco exhibition of 2000, we suggest that you go directly to the Virtual Exhibition (SF 2000) site.