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Gujerati fisherwomen, Western India




the country and the people,
the struggle for independence,
the casualties of partition

Exhibition curated by Ram Rahman

August 15 - September 25, 1998

Sunil Janah is a pioneer of Indian photojournalism. He captured history in the making, documenting the people's struggles against colonialism and the emergence of independent India after 1947.

He continued, through four decades, to record the joys and travails of the common people of India. Traveling extensively through this vast country, he photographed its varied landscapes, its cultural traditions of architecture, sculpture and dance, its remote tribal peoples, and its rapid industrialization and urbanization.

Through these photographs of India and its people, Sunil Janah conveys the tenacious diversity of cultures, religions and ethnic groups across the regions, creating a panoramic, yet intimate, picture of India that challenges many of our conventional assumptions.

His work has educated, moved and motivated several generations of Indians. Although this has given him an almost legendary stature in India, his work has had very limited exposure in this country.

Gallery At 678
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